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Libra has many positives and negatives that put him in trouble

The seventh sign of the twelve signs of the zodiacal circle from the southern side of the sky, so that the sun passes through Libra from September 23 to October 23, and the sun is at the beginning of this sign at the autumn equinox.

Those born in Libra are characterized by mental strength, and they are also ruled by the planet Venus, which makes them wonderful in love relationships, and interested in expensive things. Those born under the sign of Libra are characterized by being very social personalities, and they have many new friendships everywhere they go, and you always find them loved everywhere they go. They are also very tactful personalities in conversation, which brings them closer to the people around them.

The most important positive characteristics of those born in Libra are that he generally has a fair personality and does not like injustice. He is a first-class listener and is a refuge for all his friends when they face problems. He is always looking for new adventures, especially since he loves facing challenges. He has a diplomatic personality who knows how to deal with the various situations he faces. He has a lovable and sociable personality and does not like the feeling of loneliness. He is one of the most loyal zodiac signs and does everything possible to make his partner happy.

As for the positive qualities, he generally has a hesitant personality, especially when it comes to making crucial decisions. He cannot refuse anyone’s request, which could make him regret it later. He is one of the most jealous of the zodiac signs, which can create many problems for him with his partner. He is a spendthrift of the type. The high-ranking person wants to keep up with the latest fashion trends and buy fashion from international brands. He does not express his opinion frankly, but rather compliments everyone around him.

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