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Marita El Helani bid farewell to celibacy

The Lebanese singer Marita El-Hillani shared with her followers on social networks a set of photos and videos from her farewell party to celibacy, prior to her wedding to her fiancé, Camille Abi Khalil, director of the music production department in the “Anghami” application, in a ceremony that witnessed many spontaneous, family and emotional moments, as well as romance between the newlyweds and Marita’s family. Miss Colette Boulos, her two brothers, Alwaleed and Dana, and her star father, Assi El Helani.

Marita had talked to “Laha” about the beginning of her acquaintance with her fiancé, the development of their relationship and their preparations for marriage, in addition to some family matters…

She said: “The first meeting was through a joint work, and we became friends later on, especially with a great similarity in our temperament, a lot of agreement and agreement, and the same interests in many topics that concern us. One of us was comfortable with the presence of the other and we laughed together a lot, and things developed into If we find that we know enough and decide to get engaged.”

And about what she liked most about her fiancé, Marita confirmed: “I love everything about him, especially his kind heart, his understanding and his love for me. Kamil is a wonderful person, cultured and their conversation is very interesting.

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