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Ways to prevent diseases of the air conditioner

respiratory system diseases

The room temperature shift between hot and cold causes allergies and can lead to a cold, cough, runny nose, and other common respiratory ailments.

Also, sore throat or tonsils can occur due to air conditioning, especially in people who move a lot between hot weather and cold places.

Also, air conditioners can be a fertile environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi, so moisture accumulates on the blades of the fan, and when it is turned on, these bacteria and fungi come out to spread in the air and increase the chances of infection with sinusitis, pneumonia, and others.

Dry skin and body

Diseases caused by the air conditioner, one of which is dry skin and body, as the constant exposure to the cold of the air conditioner causes dryness in the skin and skin, and reduces the feeling of thirst and thus the lack of the need to drink water, which has many effects on the skin and health.

Also, the dust that comes out with the air conditioner can cause skin sensitivity and cracking.

Dryness is not limited to the skin only, but affects all parts of the body, as a result of not moisturizing it naturally.

Headache and constant fatigue

As a result of not being exposed to fresh natural air, the air conditioner leads to headaches and severe headaches if it continues to operate for a long time.

The air conditioner also causes a feeling of fatigue and fatigue, as continuous exposure to cold air leads to irritation of the nasal mucosa and difficulty in breathing.

Bone and joint pain

Diseases caused by the air conditioner, most notably bone and joint pain. Continuous exposure to the air conditioner can lead to pain in various parts of the body, including back and abdominal pain, and others, as a result of a cold in the bones.

Not only are these pains, but muscle spasms and limb stiffness can also occur.

Increased complications of chronic diseases

When suffering from a chronic disease, conditioning can enhance its effects, such as:

Arthritis and nerves.

Chronic respiratory diseases, such as: chronic pneumonia.

Ways to prevent air conditioner diseases

These diseases can be avoided by following the following tips:

Set the appropriate temperature for cooling: There should not be a big difference between the natural temperature and the temperature in the air conditioner.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the house and the air conditioner: so that they are cleaned of any germs that cause the spread of viruses and bacteria when the air conditioner is on, which lead to allergies.

Not moving from a cold place to a hot place suddenly: the body needs time to adapt to the temperature change after the cold, and this is by turning off the air conditioner and waiting a little until the weather becomes mild.

Avoid exposure to the air conditioner for a long time: In the event of exposure to the air conditioner for a long time, it will affect the health of the body. Rather, it is recommended to turn it off after cooling the place so as not to cause damage to the body.

Avoid direct exposure to the air conditioner: When operating the air conditioner, it is preferable not to be exposed directly to it, as it is sufficient for it to cool the room until the air conditioner reaches the body indirectly.

Ventilation of the room with natural air: Simultaneously with the operation of the air conditioner, natural air must enter the room to moisturize it and purify it from germs resulting from the prolonged closure of the room, which affects the health of the lungs.

Turn off the air conditioner when you feel any fatigue: because continuing to operate it can increase the list of diseases caused by the air conditioner.

Do not store chemicals near the air conditioner: such as paints, detergents, etc., as they can spread dangerous fumes throughout the house.

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