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Melhem Zein surprises Marwan Khoury and his fiancée

The Lebanese artist Melhem Zein surprised his colleague and fellow Lebanese artist Marwan Khoury during the filming of one of the episodes of the latter’s program “Tarab with Marwan”, which is being filmed in Lebanon.

Melhem married the fiancés Marwan Khoury and Nada Al-Remal to the tunes of the song “We Want to Get Married on Eid” in an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

The video of the song was widely circulated on social media platforms and was widely admired by followers.

While Marwan Khoury had revealed earlier that he would enter the golden cage with his fiancée in mid-September, while no details were revealed regarding the marriage or the arrangements for the ceremony.

There was a lot of news about Marwan Khoury’s marriage during the last period, but he came out and revealed that the party he attended with his fiancée was held by one of their friends, rejoicing in their engagement.

On the other hand, on the artistic level, the duet “Hekaya Hob” was the last work of Marwan Khoury with the Iraqi artist Aseel Hamim, who is in the Gulf dialect.

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