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Morocco: campaign targeting the kingdom

Morocco expressed its strong condemnation of the “intense and suspicious media campaign that promotes allegations that the phones of a number of national and foreign public figures were hacked using an information program.”
A government statement also stated that it “totally rejects these false and baseless allegations, and challenges their promoters, including Amnesty International, a coalition as well as those who support them and those under their protection, to provide the slightest material and tangible evidence to support their story.”
He added, “Morocco has again become vulnerable to this type of attack, which exposes the will of some media circles and non-governmental organizations to put it under their command and tutelage,” noting that “what angers them is that this is not possible.”
The government also affirmed that “the Kingdom, which has made great achievements in many fields in recent years, will continue to move forward on the path it has charted to enhance its economic renaissance and social development.”
The statement concluded that “Morocco, strong in its rights, and convinced of the relevance of its position, chose to take the legal and judicial endeavor in Morocco and at the international level, to stand up to any party seeking to exploit these false allegations.”

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