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NATO explains why Afghanistan fell

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg revealed that the US allies in NATO could not continue the military operation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US forces from there.
And Stoltenberg indicated on Friday that US President Joe Biden held consultations with NATO partners last April about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, and “all allies” agreed to his decision, and added: “Without the United States, it would have been difficult for the rest of the allies to continue the military campaign.”
The NATO Secretary General admitted that this was an “unrealistic choice,” noting that NATO member states’ retention of military units in Afghanistan would inevitably lead to an increase in their military spending.
According to Stoltenberg, “It would have been very difficult for European allies to persuade parliaments to allocate additional funds and increase military force in Afghanistan as part of a campaign that began to protect American interests.”
“We were all aware that this was a difficult decision, and that we faced a difficult choice – either get out and risk the Taliban’s return to power, or stay with the ensuing new battles and losses,” he said.
According to Stoltenberg, all NATO countries were aware of the inevitability of the fall of the government in Kabul and the return of the “Taliban” to power. In response to a question about whether the withdrawal of US forces led to the fall of the former regime in Afghanistan, the NATO Secretary-General expressed his belief that the reason for this was mainly due to the “collapse of the political and military leadership” of the country.

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