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NATO provocations, an attempt at a new war

A professor of political sciences at the Russian University of Sevastopol said that NATO’s actions in the Black Sea are part of provocative operations to drag Russia into a new crisis.
In his interview with Radio Sputnik, Ammar added that these actions come due to the internal crisis of NATO and the set of contradictions between Europe and America, which does not serve the international strategic interests.


British Staff: The risk of war between the West and Russia is greater than ever
He explained that there is confusion in Western and American policies, as there is no clear vision for dealing with Russia or China.
He pointed out that the Russian President’s statement was clear not to respond to such provocations, because Russia’s foreign policy is based on calm, reaching policy solutions and moving away from the militarization of all political crises in the world.

According to him, the crisis of migrants stranded at the border between Belarus and Poland is caused by the poor performance of the European Union towards the crisis, because it is trying to evade its moral obligations by fabricating a political crisis, and saying that the Belarus regime is creating this problem.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that American reconnaissance planes had been monitored in the Black Sea region and escorted 4 NATO planes over the Black Sea, stressing that the “aggressive activity” of NATO represented a “threat” to regional security.

For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, during a television interview on Rossiya 24 channel, that “there is no need to escalate tensions in the Black Sea.”

In addition, Britain warned of the risk of an accidental war between Russia and the West, noting that the possibility of this happening is currently the highest in decades.

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