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New normalization added to “Trump’s breakthroughs”

US President Donald Trump is racing with time

Towards the end of his term, on one front he is working to file lawsuits and contest the results of the presidential elections that announced the victory of his rival, Joe Biden, and on the other front, he is moving his administration team with maximum speed to complete and start implementing many of the decisions that he prepares for a victory for his mandate, and the largest share of Trump’s victories was the share of Israel The normalization agreements are made one after the other in a surprisingly record period of time for everyone.

Trump again preached the conclusion of a new normalization agreement between Israel and an Arab country, revealing that Morocco and Israel had reached an agreement on full normalization of diplomatic relations between them, so that Morocco would be the fourth Arab country to forget hostility to Israel during the past four months.

In a tweet, Trump wrote: “Another historic breakthrough today! Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco agreed to establish full diplomatic relations … a colossal breakthrough for peace in the Middle East.”

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