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North Korea deploys nuclear missiles

North Korea has renewed its pledge to strengthen its nuclear arsenal, pointing out that its nuclear deterrence will ensure the balance of power in the region.

North Korea’s foreign ministry criticized America for causing the collapse of international arms control systems.

The ministry said in a comment, “The nuclear deterrence guarantees the balance of power in the region, and strong material security to prevent the outbreak of a new war.”

And the “North Korean Foreign Ministry” confirmed that

The unilateral arms build-up of America and its allies increases the risk of armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula.”

North Korea’s statement came at a time when its neighbor, South America, announced that they would conduct joint military exercises this month to strengthen the defense position of the allies.

The joint exercise, dubbed Freedom Shield, is scheduled to run from March 13-23 without interruption, marking the longest-ever JCCC computer simulation exercise.

South Korean Prime Minister Han Duk-soo said in televised remarks, on Friday, that his country does not need nuclear weapons to deter the threat from North Korea.

And had worsened relations between North and South Korea in recent years, as Pyongyang strengthened its weapons program, and fired a record number of missiles last year, including a missile that flew over Japan, the first time that North Korea did so in 5 years, which sparked an international concern.

In response, America and its allies, South Korea and Japan, intensified their military maneuvers and cooperation, so that the South Korean President, Yoon Sokyol, who publicly took a hard line against North Korea, raised the possibility of South Korea building its own nuclear arsenal, saying last January It may “deploy tactical nuclear weapons or acquire nuclear weapons of its own.”

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