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North Korean leader calls for force

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for stronger “self-defense” measures, saying his country was facing an “extremely dangerous” security situation.

Kim Jong-un delivered the message during the Fifth Plenary Session of the Party’s Eighth Central Committee, according to state media in Pyeongchang.

While presiding over the meeting, Kim said that the right to self-defense is a matter of protecting national sovereignty, the Korean Central News Agency reported.

He also said North Korea’s security conditions are “extremely dangerous” and regional security threatens deeper tensions, stressing the principle of “serious struggle” and urging efforts to achieve the goal of strengthening national defense capabilities faster.

Earlier, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned North Korea against conducting any nuclear tests, noting that the United States would respond decisively.

The United States also tried to tighten sanctions on North Korea through a draft resolution in the United Nations Security Council, but Russia and China blocked the draft’s passage.

In the past few weeks, North Korea has conducted several missile tests, including the launch of the largest ICBM.

North Korea’s last test was on June 5, when it launched eight short-range ballistic missiles toward the Sea of ​​Japan.

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