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Putin’s attitude towards immigrants is not commensurate

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that the attitude towards migrants at the Polish border, such as beatings, sirens and shooting over their heads, is incompatible with the humanitarian values ​​proclaimed by the European Union.
“All the time we have been hearing that humanitarian issues should remain at the forefront,” Putin said in an interview on the Russia 24 website. “But when Polish border guards and representatives of the armed forces beat up these would-be migrants, the army shoots over their heads, sirens go off at night and lights in Their places where children and women are in the last months of pregnancy – in a way that does not fit with the humanistic ideas, which are supposed to underlie the entire politics of our western neighbours.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a press conference with Angela Merkel in Moscow
© Sputnik
Putin: The situation of children at the Belarus-Poland border is very unfortunate
He added, “I would like everyone to know, we (Russia) have nothing to do with the migrant crisis… They keep trying to hold us some responsibility on any occasion and sometimes without occasion.”
“Our airlines do not transport them (the migrants), and not one company does,” he added.

“The solution must be found to satisfy Belarus and European countries, including Poland, Germany and other countries because their social welfare systems are in fact under pressure,” he explained.

Putin expressed his hope that “direct contact between the leadership of Belarus and major European countries will help solve these problems.”

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