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Russia hopes Turkey will abandon its military operation

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Envoy to the Middle East and Africa, Mikhail Bogdanov, said on Monday that Moscow hopes that Turkey will abandon the military operation in northern Syria and continue diplomatic work.

The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister stressed that Moscow will continue to pressure Ankara to abandon the military operation in northern Syria.

As he said we continue to work with them. I hope that an agreement will be reached on the political and diplomatic line.”

This the Russian newspaper reported, that all preparations for the Turkish military operation in northern Syria have been completed.

About the desire to move the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee from Geneva, Bogdanov said: “Our colleagues in different countries know about this desire [to move the site]. We discussed this issue with those who could become organizers at this meeting. This issue is under consideration by our colleagues. In the first place, of course, the Syrian parties.

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