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Russian-American consultations on strategic stability

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that a new periodic round of consultations with the United States on strategic stability will take place next September.
“We propose to make the subject of an agreement with the Americans, or perhaps there will be several of them, all strategic weapons – both nuclear and non-nuclear,” Lavrov added, during a meeting with representatives of national cultural institutions and organizations.
Lavrov also expressed his confidence that the two countries are interested and interested in finding common ground.
Lavrov indicated that Washington is aware of the inadmissibility of launching a nuclear war, and confirms this through statements in the talks.
“After the meeting of Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva in June, we started a strategic dialogue with our American colleagues, and the first meeting took place, which was quite preparatory. We have not yet agreed on the ground rules, which will form the basis for further detailed negotiations,” the minister said. and specification on the limitation of certain categories of weapons.

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