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Saudi Arabia will invest its oil in this country

Saudi Aramco said that it will continue to search for investment opportunities in one of the most promising economies in Asia, days after canceling a deal with it in this country.
“India offers tremendous long-term growth opportunities. We will continue to evaluate new and existing business opportunities with our potential partners,” Aramco said in a statement on Sunday.

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Aramco signed a non-binding letter of intent in August 2019 to acquire a 20% stake in a unit of oil and chemical company Reliance Industries valued at about $15 billion.

Reliance said it will pull out of the deal on Friday. The Saudi company said, “Reliance and Aramco have a long-term relationship and will continue to look for investment opportunities in India.”

In June, Reliance said it expected to finalize the investment deal with Aramco and appointed the latter’s chairman, Yasir Al-Rumayyan, as an independent director on its board. This revived hopes of finalizing the deal.

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