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What is natural cortisone?

natural cortisone
Unknown Treasure:
Scientists have discovered that myrrh frankincense or what is popularly known as male frankincense contains a very high abundance of cortisone, an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and it is surprising and surprising that the natural cortisone found in: .
It is worth noting that Western countries have manufactured several medicines from pure natural cortisone extracted from frankincense, which has no side effects at all.

Benefits of frankincense
1 – Antiseptic and tonic for the circulatory system
2- A general antiseptic for the whole body, both internally and externally.
3- Anti-bloating and gases.
4- Regulating the functions of the digestive system.
5- A diuretic and an antiseptic for the urinary system.
6- Tonic for the uterus and disinfectant for the reproductive system.
7- Calm the nerves.
8- It is used in cosmetic products and disinfectants and scented materials are extracted from it.
9 – Regulating the immune system.
It is used as an antiseptic, kills harmful microbes and bacteria, and cleanses wounds without any side effects.
10- It is very important for oral health, as it prevents cavities, strengthens the gums, and cleanses the mouth and tongue of bacteria and microbes.
11 – Tonic and disinfectant for the respiratory system..
It is a balm for coughs and severe coughs, and a strong remover and repellent for phlegm and excess mucus secretions from the respiratory system.. an anti-bronchitis and a decongestant for the nasal passages, throat, pharynx, trachea and lungs.. and a soothing for the entire respiratory system because it is anti-inflammatory.. It greatly reduces asthma attacks.. and analgesic. For pain and headaches, relieves colds and influenza, and regulates temperatures.
12 – Gas repellent.
It regulates the movement of the small and large intestines and expels painful excess gases. It prevents its formation and soothes abdominal pain and the chest area.
13 – Anti-indigestion.
It cures chronic indigestion and acidity in the stomach without any side effects.. It helps in the secretion of digestive bile, gastric juices and acids that regulate the digestion process.. and facilitates the movement of food in the intestines.
14 – Diuretic..
It is known that not all diuretics are safe.. and this magical frankincense.. helps to expel excess water from the body through urination without any side effects.. and helps to lose weight by getting rid of excess water in the whole body.. as well as getting rid of fat Because of its bitterness and the properties it also gets rid of excess sodium, uric acid and various toxins in the also regulates blood pressure.
15-Very important for the health of the uterus..
It is a strong regulator of estrogen.. It reduces the occurrence of tumors in the uterus after menopause and prevents the formation and formation of cysts, which is known as uterine cancer.. It protects the uterus and regulates menstrual periods for all ages of women.
16 – General tonic..
All body systems benefit from this frankincense as a general disinfectant for the respiratory, digestive and urinary systems. It is a stimulant for the nervous system.. Because it is a strong defender of the immune system.
17-Anti-stress and anxiety…
It is soothing and helps to relax and calm the mind.. It reduces anxiety, tension, anger and nervous stress and helps in deep breathing, which leads to relaxation.. Because it opens breathing passages with ease.. and calms the tense mental state.
18 – Treatment for boils and wounds..
Frankincense soaked is used on wounds. It is a powerful antiseptic and helps inflamed tissues to heal and protects against infection of boils in the body.. It cleanses internal and external wounds, anti-inflammatory, and completely heals them.
18 – Anti-aging..
Since it is a stimulant for the cellular system “the device that builds and organizes the cells of the body,” it activates the production of healthy cells and new tissues.. From this point, it protects the skin from symptoms and diseases of aging because it preserves cells and tissues, as it helps and strengthens their structure.. 19- It removes skin wrinkles and spots. The structure in the face, dark circles around the eyes and spots on the cheeks.. and tightens all the skin on the body..
It is useful for the elderly because their cells die quickly, as it is specific to building cells as we mentioned.
20 – a regulator of blood sugar..
As it reduces high sugar .. But if the sugar is low, it is not used as a drink or chewing.
21- Other benefits..
Relieves rheumatism and arthritis pain..Anti-inflammatory for wounds and helps to heal them quickly..Anti-acne..and regulate blood circulation..Anti insomnia..and against many other types of infections.

Use it:
Chewing..or soaking..the water resulting from soaking is used as a drink or as an antiseptic solution that is placed on wounds and places of various skin infections..

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