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Secrets of “ISIS” !!

For many years, the issue of the emergence of the terrorist organization “ISIS”, its financing, support and fighting it was a concern, but the countries of the world, which were divided between countries suffering from its terrorism and countries that exploit this terrorism to achieve their interests in the areas of its presence ..

The organization is like its predecessors from terrorist organizations, such as “Al Qaeda” and its sisters. “It is hardly hidden for the smallest follower of the size of the support that the organization’s members have received, which a small country cannot secure to this extent. An organization that was found like its predecessors to be the magic of the tasks and the lamp of achieving the ambitions of some countries, and fighting it is a cover. Behind it disappear the greater and more dangerous files than the terror group itself.

There were many reports that claimed to have revealed the spearhead of financing the organization, but until now it has not put its hand on the ground, and recently the non-governmental organization “Conflict Armament Research” prepared a report on the access of “ISIS” to its weapons through fake and family companies and secret financial transfers and others ..

The organization said that during its control over large areas of Syria and Iraq between 2014-2019, the organization was able to purchase tons of explosive materials, electronic equipment and drones, without drawing attention and weaving a network distributed over more than 20 countries.

The organization provided many examples that illustrate the method used by the organization to purchase weapons around the world, including a small phone shop to buy six tons of aluminum paste, while a small distributor of Turkish agricultural products paid about 200 thousand dollars to obtain 78 tons of the propellant used in making Missiles ..

According to the report, between 2015 and 2017, about 100 plates containing aluminum paste produced in China were found throughout the areas controlled by the organization, which relied in particular on individuals and family companies that were working as middlemen near the areas of its spread, especially in southern Turkey.

In its report, the organization indicated that it was not in a position to prove that these intermediaries acted knowingly, “but they formed basic contact points in the supply chain” of the organization.

The report also talked about the purchase of nitrate fertilizers and aluminum pulp used in the production of explosives, in addition to rocket fuel and unmanned aerial vehicles, and a network that is referred to as forming an entity that trades freely around the world was revealed and the organization’s report identified “more than 50 companies in more than 20 countries, It produced or distributed products used by ISIS terrorists.

The report notes that “previous investigations indicated that ISIS fighters used individuals and companies based in Denmark, Spain, Syria, Turkey and the United Kingdom.”

According to the report, ISIS tried to produce an automatic anti-aircraft system, although there is no evidence of its success in this, while the organization documented the presence of 28 drones that were modified to be armed, and the organization also tried to obtain a visual tracking system, which is a possible component of an automatic system. Future anti-aircraft guns.

So the report remains in the list of many incomplete reports that have tried to reveal the secrets of the organization but to no avail, so far, so that the major countries continue to fight each other with accusations when needed and use it as a pretext to intervene in the affairs of the weaker countries, while the weaker countries continue to throw accusations against those who hostile their policy from the major countries and accuse them of establishing The organization and its support, and the peoples and inhabitants of the areas where the organization is present remain the silent majority in this conflict and the only victims of terrorism.

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