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The first Egyptian electric car

The Egyptian Ministry of Public Business Sector announced the revival of the Nasr Automotive Company to produce electric cars, explaining that Egypt is preparing to produce the first car of its kind locally.

The official channel of the Egyptian Ministry of Public Business Sector published a video clip on YouTube, indicating that the project depends on cooperation with major car manufacturers in China to produce electric cars.

According to the ministry, the victory company will sign partnership contracts with the Chinese company “Dong Feng” to produce 25 thousand electric cars annually, indicating that this represents a new start for the electric car industry in Egypt, which could become the gateway for exporting these cars to neighboring countries and the whole African continent.

The ministry explained that a study was conducted between the two sides, which technically recommended setting up the factory with a maximum capacity of 50,000 cars annually, noting that the production capacity for the first year from the start of production would be 25,000 cars.

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