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Specter spinsterhood or tragedies of engagement?

Fear of spinsterhood has become a ghost that haunts girls in Arab society, especially after the economic collapse as a result of wars or bad security conditions in most Arab countries.

Parents have become constantly concerned about the future of their children because economic conditions have made the requirements of marriage for young men a problem that is difficult to overcome, so the young men moved away from the idea of ​​marriage, which made the girls in a state of anxiety that they would lose appropriate opportunities for marriage, while the marriages of some married men became active Because their financial capabilities combined with their social conditions allow them to do so.

So, building a modern family in the current reality has become a lot of effort and thinking and requires more firm foundations to protect the family and children together.

The specter of celibacy has become a ghost that young men and women suffer from, and many researches indicate that the state of psychological and material pressure that young men and women are subjected to in our modern day is an abnormal situation, and thus a normal life has been imposed on them as well.

Therefore, we see that the idea of ​​a serious connection is far from the minds of the modern generation, and with this we reach a social structure that has destroyed foundations and rules, so questions of acute dimensions arise before us, including how can we help our girls and youth within a reality that swallows values ​​and drags them to the bottom of the demands of daily life while the paths of life are moving away little by little.


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