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Stone Age in Lebanon !!!

Soon, no electricity in Lebanon !!!

Soon no contacts in Lebanon !!!

Soon no drinking water in Lebanon !!!

Soon, no water for domestic use in Lebanon !!!

Soon, no petrol for cars in Lebanon !!!

Soon, no diesel for heating in Lebanon !!!

Soon no gas to prepare food in Lebanon !!!

But the government is coming when the hurry (if not Monday sure Thursday) !!!

The available electrical maintenance equipment is out of date and there is no financial ability to buy new equipment, while the electricity network in various Lebanese territories needs maintenance and needs repairs, and if that maintenance is not completed, Lebanon will plunge into darkness for an indefinite period …

At a time when the state proposes to increase the rationing hours to save dollars that may really save, but to go into the pockets of the beneficiaries like their predecessors, inevitably the Lebanese citizen will bear the pain above the shroud.

As for the telecommunications company, which also raised the voice for the loss of maintenance equipment, it warns the Lebanese citizen that darkness will not be the end of the day, but may cut off communications as well. The first country to return to Stone Age life without the lowest standards of development.

A country without water, electricity, communications, transportation, health services, schools, and lessons !!! But the government is coming when the wheel comes, dear citizen, you still have blood in your veins a little later, and your blood may also become a hostage to the debts of a state that has lost the legitimacy of the state in every sense of the word.

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