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Sudan… Launching “Million Demonstrations” Calling for Civilian Rule

Demonstrations were launched by civil society forces in Sudan to demand civilian rule and the dissolution of partnership with the Military Council.
The websites also reported that the authorities closed the “Al-Mak Nimr Bridge” in the direction from Bahri to Khartoum, and the police also used tear gas against demonstrators near the Republican Palace.
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The demonstrators gathered on the railways to receive trains coming from “Wad Madani” and “Atbara” to participate in the “Million Civil Ruling” called for by activists and civil society forces.

In the same context, the Sudanese Professionals Association said in a statement today, Thursday, “The goal of the processions is to protect the democratic transition, and there is no way to achieve it except by breaking up the partnership with the Military Council, and by declaring a position rejecting the partnership and its institutions.”

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