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The biggest Arabic TV production coming soon

The series “Waad Iblis”, which is considered the largest Arab production of the “Shahid VIP” platform, and the platform revealed interesting details and information about the series a few days ago.

This revealed new details about the series “Waad Iblis” as the date of its presentation approaches, the series is the largest Arab production for an Arab platform, after the huge preparations for the series and the use of an international crew in addition to Arab stars, and stated in a statement today: “In a contemporary TV drama mix that combines action suspense and imagination,

Where the platform described the series as “one of the largest Arab television productions of its kind and the largest production for an Arab platform in the world, and the work bears an Arab template with an international identity and passion, as it bears the signature of an elite of the most famous drama makers in the world, and rises to the level of the largest international television productions in this type of work.” Contemporary fantasy.

The series “The Devil’s Promise” includes an international crew, led by the British authors Tony Jordan, the British Angie Loman Field, Richard Bellamy, Sheikha Suha Al Khalifa and Radwa Shaheen. Emmy and BAFTA awards, and Colin Teague, Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated British director directing, in addition to Paula Palin starring in the series.

Another interesting information about the series “The Devil’s Promise” is that he used a global team to implement the action scenes, and the series makers stated that the visual and kinetic effects in the series were implemented by a professional team who took over the task in several international films, including the “Mission Impossible” series by Tomcruz, led by Kaloyan Vodenikarov.

And the director of the series revealed earlier interesting scenes about the series, including filming the scenes of the series in real streets in Cairo and in the pyramids, as well as revealing that 30% of the language of the series is in English, and also revealed that the series continues in a psychological thriller series over 6 parts.

Where the events of the series “Waad Iblis” revolve around the character of “Ibrahim”, embodied by Amr Youssef, a young and successful businessman. Signing a contract to sell his soul to Satan after his death, but Satan quickly breaks his promise to begin transforming Abraham into an evil man under his control and pushes him to implement his satanic agenda after giving him supernatural powers, and Abraham begins a journey to save his soul with the help of an American girl.

The series will start on September 16, and co-starring Egyptian star Amr Youssef, American star Paula Patten, Saudi star Jacob Al-Farhan, stars of Egypt and the Arab world Fathi Abdel Wahab, Aisha bin Ahmed, Ahmed Magdy, Ahmed Al-Rafei, Muhammad Yousry, Muhammad Marzban, the late Maha Abu Auf , Khaled Kamal, Moataz Hisham, Murad Makram, Amr Gamal, guest of honor Nelly Karim, and others.

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