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The closure of Lebanon is under study

I followed the impact of the unprecedented economic and social crisis that the Lebanese have been experiencing for nearly two years, but the Corona virus, with its new mutator, “Omicron”, is the main preoccupation of Lebanese public opinion, in light of recording high numbers of infections “exceeding seven thousand infections per day”, according to a medical source. Lebanese.
According to the source, the official figures announced by the Lebanese Ministry of Health are much lower, “and the reason is that a large number of people with the Omicron mutant do not take a test to detect the Corona virus “BCR”, because they have received two or more doses of vaccines, and the symptoms of infection are very mild, Or that the parents are satisfied with examining one or two family members for financial reasons, and then they proceed to a family quarantine, after making sure that the examination is positive.

Most of the Lebanese laboratories and medical and hospital centers were overwhelmed with thousands of citizens, some of whom stood in queues, as is the case at Beirut Governmental Hospital, in order to conduct tests.

The senior advisor to the Minister of Health also said that the death numbers are still within the ceiling (it did not rise above 17 deaths), indicating that the Lebanese government discussed options for a comprehensive closure, but this destination has not been approved so far, due to the economic conditions.

For his part, the Lebanese Minister of Health, Firas Al-Abyad, said that the issue of closing the country “is under study, but we are studying it carefully and in a slow manner and according to the numbers, and our goal is not to reach this stage, but if the issue accelerates, we are ready to take any decision and closing schools is a catastrophic decision and all our efforts are focused on work not to access to lockout.

According to official Lebanese figures, the percentage of vaccinated people is only about 40% of the Lebanese, while the occupancy rate of beds allocated for Corona patients reached 80% on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The Supreme Defense Council also convened about two weeks ago, and decided to extend the comprehensive mobilization, but it did not allocate additional financial credits to government hospitals or provide financial advances to private hospitals to face the possibilities of the spread of the Ommicron pandemic.

Participants in the council meeting justified not taking a decision to close the general during the holidays, as the country needs “fresh dollars”, because the number of arrivals in recent weeks exceeded a quarter of a million visitors, most of whom leave at the beginning of the new year, and this matter led to exceptional crowding at Beirut International Airport and the arrival of travelers before hours before their planes take off.

At the same time, the vaccination campaign continued, whether for those who want to receive a third dose of the vaccines available in medical and hospital centers, or to obtain the first and second doses, within the framework of a program set by the Ministry of Health.

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