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The destruction of Okar to Daash in Iraq

The Iraqi army destroys 4 Okar to organize “Daash” after the Kirkuk attack revealed the security authorities in Iraq on Monday, the success of the air force on the destruction of four “Daash” terrorist regulation of Kirkuk province north of the country, two days after attacks against the army. Where the security media said in a statement transferred that the security process was carried out according to accurate intelligence and investigations from the Interior Ministry in coordination with the targeting cell of the leadership of joint operations. On this and based on the observed information, the Iraqi Air Force targeted four of the terrorists in the Zogiton valley within the advanced headquarters breakdown of Joint Operations in Kirkuk, according to the statement. The cell said the field monitoring of intelligence and cell targeting had high positive results to pursue the residues of terrorist “Daash” and destroy their desk. Where four Iraqi army’s elements were killed on Saturday in an attack to organize “Daash” (prohibited in Russia and several countries) in the district of Kirkuk province. Following the attack, the commander of Kirkuk operations, the Corner Group, Ali Al-Feiji, issued an intelligence officer in the conservative army. This was also killed after two regulation was killed by Iraqi security forces, which are fighting a number of governorates, including Nineveh, Krkukodaly, Salahuddin, Anbar and Baghdad, to eliminate the remaining elements of “Daash”.

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