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The first comment from Asala after the Kuwait party quarrels

Twitter pioneers circulated several tweets about quarrels in front of the entrance to the star Asala’s party, which was held yesterday evening in Kuwait, which caused her to be detained in her car for more than an hour, with threats to cancel the entire concert.

Asala published a picture of her appearance at yesterday’s party, and commented on her through her account on the Instagram website, saying: A party in which there is warmth, there is a sultan, and there is goodness and the people who are in it .. The weather yesterday was an atmosphere.

Yesterday evening, Twitter witnessed several tweets confirming the occurrence of complete chaos among the masses in the fairground theater, which caused clashes by hand due to “organizational chaos” and rumors circulated about canceling the entire concert. .

The ceremony also witnessed a surprise from Asala to the Kuwaiti star Nawal, as she was keen to present a song for her, as she had previously done with the star Ahlam in the UAE, and Asala said: Nawal sings and thinks … it is easy to sing it, but it is difficult.

Nawal Al-Kuwaiti responded to her through her Twitter account, saying: My beloved Asala, thank you for the compliment and creativity, you have beautiful taste and a distinctive voice, and I love my song with your voice, you were brilliant and wonderful, you enlightened Kuwait, my love.

Singer Asala Nasri and Iraqi singer Rahma Riad performed in Kuwait yesterday, Friday, during which she presented a distinguished bouquet of her most famous songs.

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