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A very big rise in fuel in America

Today, Saturday, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in America rose to $ 5 for the first time ever

The Automobile Club of America said that the average price, today, Saturday, was $ 5, while motorists in some parts of the country, especially California, pay much more,

The average price for a gallon of fuel is highest in California at $6.43, while the lowest in Mississippi is at $4.52.

The national average price jumped by 19 cents just last week, and it was $1.93 more than this time last year

One of the most prominent factors in the rise in gasoline prices in America is that global oil prices are rising as a result of sanctions imposed on Russia, due to its special military operation in Ukraine, and there are restrictions on refining capacity in America, because some refineries were closed during the “Corona” epidemic.

While this is the first time the $5-a-gallon fuel barrier has been broken in America, it is still not a record when historical inflation is taken into account, with gas peaking at $4.11 a gallon in July 2008, which equates to about 5.40 dollars per gallon at the moment.

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