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The magic of olive oil and lemon

Among the benefits of olive oil and lemon for the body are the following:-
The mixture of olive oil and natural lemon is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics for bacteria, fungi, germs, and microbes, which directly cause many serious diseases, thanks to the antioxidant composition of olive oil that fights this infection, and thanks to the composition of lemon Antiseptic and sterile for the body, which is reflected very positively on the strength of the immune system in the body.
It is considered one of the strongest solutions to various skin problems, on top of which is the problem of grains, scars and pimples, including acne, as well as the problems of lack of freshness, absence of natural color, as well as dryness and lack of moisture, as these elements nourish skin cells and help to renew and grow, and also help to whiten The skin and lighten its color, and olive oil moisturizes the skin and prevents it from drying out.
This mixture nourishes each of the hair follicles and roots, and prevents the scalp from drying out, which prevents the appearance of the crust accompanying itching, as well as fights the problems of hair loss, breakage, weakness and lack of density, and increases its size and length.
It fights infections and allergies of all kinds, and greatly reduces irritation, redness and itching, and helps lighten dark places in different areas of the body, including the underarm and sensitive areas, by applying this mixture topically and leaving it for a while and then washing the area well with water, And make sure to continue using this recipe for a certain period to get satisfactory results.
It is one of the most powerful antioxidants, which greatly helps to fight cracks and free radicals, which directly cause skin cancer and other cancerous tumors that pose a threat to the health of the body and the safety of its organs. Thanks to these properties, it helps to a large extent to maintain vitality And the youth of the body and skin, which thus prevents the appearance of signs of aging and aging, especially wrinkles, fine lines, zigzags, gray hair or white hair, weakness and weakness that affect the structure of the body and its external appearance in general.

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