The most convenient and healthy way to drink citrus juice

Natalia Nevidova, a member of the Association of Nutritionists of Canada, has warned about the way orange juice and other citrus fruits are consumed, especially during winter, and the period of viral respiratory diseases

According to the specialist, “the body loses moisture quickly, especially at night, and with humidity it loses electrolytes. Eating citrus fruits compensates for this deficiency and provides the body with energy and activity, but it is necessary to add water to any juice from citrus to reduce calories and get a good amount of electrolytes.”

The specialist stressed the need to monitor vitamin C intake, for example, one orange contains 60-80 milligrams, and the daily average is 75-90 milligrams. And she stressed that foods containing vitamin C should not be over-eaten, otherwise the opposite effect will occur, and it begins to act not as an antioxidant, but as an oxidizing agent.

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