Strikes a nerve

The reality of chaos in Washington – as no one dared

The riots, cracking, scenes of storming the Congress and the “Only Democracy” scenario, which was imposed with cinematic professionalism in Washington, made the Congress Square resemble Hollywood with the amount of trained and coordinated talent to fabricate a live screen that conveys what you want to the viewer.

All previous, current, and future events and facts tell us the truth about creating a fifth column that has a task in its hands that it must carry out regardless of the cost.

As for the mission, it bypasses elections and political teams, but rather targets the two parties to the ruling politics in the American states, which raises detailed questions before us today: Is what we see today is the second part of the Corona series ??

Was what happened before and last year was a political and popular preparation for what we are seeing now?

Or is the chaos imposed in Washington a preliminary part of imposing a fifth column on a dialogue table that will not be like its predecessors?

The state of chaos is a deliberate and prefabricated stage, ready to emerge, whatever the election result.

The Republican party’s victory will not change anything, just as Biden’s victory or loss against Trump will not change the reality, because reality is drawn according to the higher interests, as it bypasses parties and presidencies just as it bypasses political competition and controls the popular will.

Yes, Corona has new relatives.

Yes, what happened today, other parts.

Yes, the incident surpasses the event as well as the states.

Yes, what happened in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon is merely training for parties that will attack the American soil and in the most powerful countries.

Yes, the third war overtook nuclear weapons and moved into an alliance with nature.

Yes, the next stage is the stage of a superpower show of powers, and the power show will not be represented militarily, but economic destruction by all illegal but justified means.

The upcoming events in the great powers will not be by chance.

Is there anyone who dares to say that the Third World War began to end regimes and create others?

Who created the fifth column?

How many lines yet might appear on the world stage?

Will the response reach China first or Japan?

Tomorrow will not be like today.

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