These days … a beautiful event in sky of Saudi

Khaled Al-Zaq, Saudi astronomer,

revealed that the naked eye can look in the sky of Saudi Arabia to see the most beautiful and brightest celestial bodies in the coming days. Al-Zaq asserted that anyone looking at the western horizon in the Kingdom’s sky after sunset can see the most beautiful celestial bodies. And he said: “During these days, we will start seeing with the naked eye, the brightest, most wonderful and most beautiful celestial bodies in the western horizon shortly after sunset, with the naked eye, and the sighting will continue with us throughout the summer period.” He emphasized that “the stars create light on their own, and the planets reflect the star’s light, and during these days we will see 5 of the mantles (planets), namely Mercury and Venus on the western side shortly after sunset, as well as Jupiter and Saturn in the eastern side before sunrise, and we will see Mars all night

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