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US talks with the European Union on China

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell revealed today, Tuesday, that he will visit the United States next week for high-level talks with US officials on China.

Borrell said in a session of the European Union Parliament on relations with China: “To maintain dialogue with the United States, we will have this dialogue next week, and the Secretary-General of the External Action Service and my team will travel to Washington for this high-level political dialogue on China.”

The EU official also noted that China was an important economic partner of the bloc, which made the so-called separation of the EU from Beijing difficult. Over the past months, there have been increasing calls within the bloc to disengage from China by significantly reducing economic dependence on it.

And given that China represents nearly 16% of the European Union’s foreign trade, some members of the European Union Parliament and a number of European countries, including those in Eastern Europe, urged the bloc to review its policy towards China in order to prevent the European Union from relying on it amid what They call it “Beijing’s rising authoritarian tendencies and growing military might.”

Meanwhile, senior EU officials have taken a more balanced approach, with the European Commission’s executive vice-president, Valdis Dombrovskis, saying in late October that the EU should continue to engage with China “with pragmatism and without naivety.”

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