Within two days … Earth is on a date with the threat of a space crime !!

In a day or two, Earth will be close

to the asteroid WU5 2020 from it to a distance of 8 million kilometers, according to what the NASA Jet Energy Laboratory revealed, talking about the asteroid’s path.

Astronomers believe that this space object will not approach the Earth to a dangerous distance, as its path will deviate from the Earth’s path of 8 million kilometers, but scientists have included it on the list of possible planets threatening the Earth, as its diameter ranges between 0.5 and 1.1 km

Note that the asteroid was first discovered on November 29, 2020 by the NEOWISE space telescope, then scientists included it on the electronic list of small-sized space objects developed by the International Astronomical Union, and it belongs to the so-called “Apollo” asteroid group whose orbits intersect with the Earth’s orbit ..

According to astronomers, the asteroid will approach Earth to a distance of about 8 million kilometers on the night of January 13th on January 14th, when it can be observed in the northern hemisphere by a telescope with a lens diameter of more than 200 mm.

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