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12-12, a day in memory

I still remember that day with all its pain and with the utmost shock !!!

Tueni was not at that time facing death alone, but rather I had passed the path of death along with life !!
A few minutes separated me from the Tueni motorcade, I entered my house and went out to the balcony to make the sound of that explosion sound and the entire building shook.

In the first moments, I did not realize that death had passed too late by my side, and that the smoke billowing in front of me was the worst kind of assassination, perhaps because the assassination of the word was equivalent to the assassination of the son in front of me !!

Or perhaps the trauma was greater than the realization of a crying girl as she looked into my eyes as if she was asking me what was the sin of childhood, to be born in a quasi-homeland that would assassinate the dream before it assassinated the body.

Just as the assassination of Gibran Tueni resembled the assassination of a dream that was just born in a small cradle inside the Cave of Peace, but Christmas came like death in the omission of fate.

(We stand now at the same time on the edge of a new era where it can be something positive for Lebanon or it can be completely dark, and for this we are now standing at an inflection point where anything can happen).
Is the prophecy of darkness true, or has the darkness not really begun yet?

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