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A catastrophic situation in Gaza at Dar Al-Shifa

In a dire situation, Israeli forces are surrounding the largest Shifa Medical Complex in the Strip from 4 directions.
He also confirmed that the compound’s surroundings had been subjected to continuous bombing during the past hours
All means of communication with those remaining inside the hospital, which still houses thousands of displaced people and patients, were cut off, despite some leaving during the past hours.
At the same time, informed sources indicated that the Israeli forces are very close to Al-Shifa Hospital, and are only 3 kilometers away from it, according to what was reported by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority.
She also pointed out that Israeli tanks are surrounding Al-Shifa and another hospital in Gaza from all sides.
She also indicated that thousands of soldiers are present deep in the Gaza Strip.
Meanwhile, Doctors Without Borders issued warnings about the deteriorating situation inside the hospital.
She confirmed that she was unable to contact any of her employees inside the complex located west of Gaza City, which has been subjected to intense Israeli bombing since yesterday, Friday. She also added in her account on the X platform (formerly Twitter) that the hospital includes patients, some of whom are in critical condition, indicating grave concern for their safety and the safety of the medical staff. She also confirmed that the complex had been subjected to intense attacks during the past hours and that the situation inside it was “catastrophic.” She called “urgently to stop the attacks and protect medical facilities, their staff, and patients.”
Since yesterday, Israel has intensified its siege of many hospitals in the Gaza Strip, especially the Hospitals and Al-Shifa squares, in an attempt to push more civilians out of Gaza City, towards the south of the Strip, making it easier for its military teams and tanks to penetrate further into the north, especially into what it considers the security square for the Hamas leadership. Implementing the “scorched earth” policy.
While the war, which has entered its second month, has so far claimed more than 11,078 lives, including more than 4,506 children from the Palestinian side.
As for the Israeli death toll, it reached 1,200 in the latest figure provided by the Israeli army yesterday, Friday, after it had previously announced that it was 1,400, most of whom fell on the first day of the surprise attack launched by Hamas on Israeli settlements and military bases in the Gaza envelope.

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