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Baligh Hamdi’s most wonderful moments today

Stars Saber Al-Rubai, Majid Al-Muhandis, Angham, Asala Nasri and Nancy Ajram in a night sparkling with the masterpieces of Baligh Hamdi yesterday evening (Thursday), on the stage of the “Abu Bakr Salem” Theater on “Riyadh City Boulevard”, where they were joined in a pleasant surprise by Mai Farouk and the Saudi talent Walid Muhammad. .
In addition, the Egyptian artist Angham sang “The Love That Was” and “If I Met You Long ago” at the concert, accompanied by the Egyptian and international pianist Ramzi Yassa.
Angham said about the late Baligh Hamdi: “He is the one who shaped the conscience of all artists in the Arab world, and his works are a turning point in musical history.”
Egyptian artist Mai Farouk also performed the song “One Thousand and One Nights,” while rising artist Walid Mohamed sang the song “Sawah.”
Where the Iraqi artist Majid Al-Muhandis performed the songs “Away from You”, “According to Widad Al-Qalbi”, “All of Love”, and “Biography of Love”…
Syrian artist Asala Nasri took the stage barefoot to sing “Zay Al-Asal” and “Zay Al-Hawa,” while Tunisian artist Saber Al-Rubai performed the songs “Promised” and “Fat Al-Ma’ad.”
Where the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram concluded the concert with the song “Black Eyes”, after she said: “But we are talking about love and feeling, meaning about Baligh Hamdi. I used to dream, love, and wish to live in his time, even for a night. Tonight in Riyadh, we are living the dream of “Baligh Hamdi’s Night” and it has come true. This dream is of course thanks to the efforts of the Entertainment Authority and the supervision of His Excellency Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh.”
The tags Nancy Ajram and “Black Eyes” topped the “X” website in terms of “trend.”
It is noteworthy that the night of “Baligh Hamdi’s Masterpieces” came within the activities of the fourth edition of the “Riyadh Season”, which is held under the slogan Big Time. 

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