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A joint Egyptian-Russian vision for the stability of Syria

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry revealed that there is a common vision between Egypt and Russia regarding the importance of restoring Syria’s stability and territorial integrity, eliminating the threat of terrorism, and returning Syria to its Arab domain.
Shoukry also added, during a telephone interview to the “Rai Aam” program, that Russia has a special status in Syria, pointing out that there is an interest in the Turkish presence on Syrian territory and the way to deal with terrorism and foreign fighters on its territory.
He pointed out that his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, explained the importance of the gradual withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya and according to an agreed time plan, explaining that Egypt is interested at this stage in establishing the principle.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs clarified that the Libyan government must formulate the time plan in a way that leads to the exit of foreign forces, adding: “We recognize the principle and it is internationally agreed upon, whether by the outcomes of the Security Council, Berlin and the Libyan National Dialogue Forum, and an executive mechanism must be established to achieve this goal.

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