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A “very dangerous” situation due to floods in central China

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Wednesday that his country is facing “extremely dangerous” floods, after authorities in Zhengzhou announced that 12 people were killed by floods that inundated a subway in the central city.
“Some reservoir dams have burst…causing serious injuries, loss of life and property damage. Flood control is in a very dangerous situation,” Xi said.
He added that the events had reached a “delicate stage”.
The Chinese president’s warning came after the authorities announced the death of 12 people due to floods that inundated a subway, and a horrific picture of passengers spread on social media.
They are stuck in a train carriage, covered in water up to their shoulders.
And the Zhengzhou authorities announced today, Wednesday, that they had evacuated about 200,000 people from the stricken city, and indicated that 36,000 people were affected by the flood, according to “Novosti” agency.
Authorities issued the highest level of weather warning in Henan Province, of which Zhengzhou is the capital, which was hit by record floods.
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The Zhengzhou Meteorological Administration said it was the highest daily precipitation rate since records began 60 years ago.
Seasonal floods are common in China, but scientists say climate change is causing an increase in extreme weather events.

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