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After his death … a strange surprise detonated about Maradona’s “body”

Days after the announcement of the death of Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona, an Argentine magazine revealed a surprise related to the body of the deceased, citing doctors who exposed his body.

According to the Argentine newspaper, Clarin, which was able to access the medical report on the deceased’s body, the report stated, and according to a preliminary autopsy, that Maradona died in his sleep at noon last Wednesday, due to “acute pulmonary edema and chronic heart failure.”

However, the surprise that the report exploded related to Maradona’s “heart”, and according to the medical team, his heart was different from the normal heart and somewhat strange, especially with regard to size, which prompted doctors to keep his heart to do some studies on it ..

It is noteworthy that Maradona’s lawyer, Matthias Morla, called for an investigation due to the delay of ambulances more than half an hour to reach Maradona’s home in response to an emergency call on the day of his death.

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