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America’s stealth fighter problem

The United States of America has the largest fleet of warplanes in the world. The Pentagon operates around the world, relying on a fleet of warplanes.
However, experts from the American Godson Institute discovered a problem that prevents the superior American fleet of warplanes from taking advantage of possible military operations against large countries in terms of area located far from America, such as Russia. This is because access to the remote theater of war requires more fuel, while the US warplane fleet faces a shortage of tanker aircraft that refuel combat aircraft in the air.
Quoting experts from the Godson Institute, the number of tanker aircraft owned by the United States decreased from more than 700 aircraft in the Cold War period to 473 aircraft today, knowing that among them are obsolete aircraft that saw the light of day in the middle of the last century.
Twenty years ago, the Pentagon announced its need for new tanker planes, without finding anything to meet its needs. Finally, Boeing led the Pentagon to the tanker plane “Pegas”, but this plane was so criticized after arriving in the US Air Force that its maker had to return it to the factory for changes.
Another serious problem is related to the use of tank aircraft. The provision of fuel in the air to the F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters, which are America’s pride, and which are difficult to detect by air defense radars, removes the cover of their concealment and makes them vulnerable to air defenses. .
This problem does not appear when tanker aircraft can be dispensed with in the Middle East, for example, where there are airports and aircraft carriers. But the air force and tank planes cannot be dispensed with in war operations against large, sprawling countries such as Russia or China

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