An Oxford vaccine bug raises concerns

After admitting a manufacturing error, the British company, “AstraZeneca” and the University of Oxford, is facing increasing questions about the results of their experiments, noting that they are among the most prominent activists in the efforts to develop the “Covid-19” vaccine ..

And we announced that their vaccine was 70% effective on average during an advanced stage of the study, and the limited details published by the two partners raised great concerns. And that their vaccine was 90% effective when half a dose was given before a full booster dose, while two full doses showed 62% effectiveness.

While the head of the US vaccine program known as Operation Warp Speed ​​said, “The dose that shows the highest level of efficacy has been tested in the younger population, and that half of the dose was administered to some people due to an error in the amount of vaccine placed in some vials. None of this is disclosed in the original company statement.

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