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Apple stops sales in Turkey

Today, Wednesday, the US company, “Apple”, suspended online sales in Turkey, a day after its national currency collapsed to a record low against the US dollar.
Ankara – Sputnik. The Turkish version of the iPhone maker’s website works as usual, but for anyone trying to add an Apple product to their cart, the site rejects the process by saying it’s “unavailable.”
And the correspondent of “Sputnik” agency in Ankara said that buying “Apple” devices from a retail store in the capital was almost impossible, and the sellers explained this by “the fluctuation of the currency value.”
Turkish Lira – Arabic Sputnik, 1920, 23.11.2021
The Turkish lira is experiencing its worst collapse in 20 years, after 11 days of continuous decline
The lira has lost about 45 percent of its value since the beginning of the year, and about half of these losses were recorded in the past week alone. The Turkish currency fell for 11 days, in the worst depreciation streak in 20 years.
The latest drop came on the heels of a televised speech by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in which he defended the central bank’s continued interest rate cuts.

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