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Syrian tourism reveals its investments

Syrian Tourism Minister Muhammad Rami Martini announced dozens of requests for European groups wishing to visit Syria for tourism, optimistic that 2022 will be better for Syrian tourism.
The Syrian minister spoke in a press conference about the signs of the return of tourist groups to Syria and tourism investment, saying, “Since 2019, there have been encouraging signs for tourist arrivals and the return of tourist groups, but the Corona epidemic has greatly affected the tourist work and the movement of arrivals, and the visits that took place to Syria at a time The borders are almost closed and arrivals are regulated, and if the situation were different, we would talk today about millions of visitors.”
The minister also revealed the number of Arab and foreign visitors to Syria about 488,000 Arab and foreign visitors to Syria this year, and more than one million hotel nights in Syrian hotels and resorts, pointing to the return of many tourist facilities to service.
The minister talked about what he saw during his visit to Riyadh, from Arab, Saudi and Syrian expatriate citizens, which was expected, especially that the love of Syria is in the heart of every Arab, and the future is better.
He continued, “Soon, we will have a week of tourism in the UAE at the beginning of next year, in addition to participating in Expo 2020”.
The minister revealed the return of 45 projects to investment after they had stumbled, so that the stumbling and re-contracting of a number of projects and the dissolution of some projects for a number of investors who did not show enough seriousness with the granting of full advantages within the laws and regulations, according to what was published by the Syrian newspaper, Al-Watan.
According to the figures, the number of overnight beds has reached 38,000 hotel beds, about 225,000 dining chairs, and there are more than 6,000 students in schools and hotel institutes, more than 4,000 students in training centers and thousands of students in tourism colleges. Six accommodation facilities and 125 feeding facilities were licensed this year, with a capacity of 3151 hotel beds and 13,625 feeding chairs, creating 1,316 job opportunities.
The Minister also focused on the need to prepare qualified and trained cadres and focus on the tourism and hotel education sector, so that this year will witness the development and modernization of /36/ new educational curricula in technical institutes for tourism and hotel sciences and hotel vocational high schools.

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