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Barcelona is shocked in the winter Mercato

Barcelona officials are in great shock after they received news from the League, stating that the club does not have any margin to conclude new deals during the current winter Mercato.

The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” said that Barcelona officials believed that the club was able to conclude new deals in the current winter transfer period, after the retirement of Gerard Pique and the transfer of Memphis Depay to Atletico Madrid.

But after Barcelona inquired about an official in the League about the margin of money allowed for new deals, the response came that it was only 3.5 million euros.

The newspaper stated that the Catalan team received, at the end of last week, another official news that the club does not have any margin to conclude new deals.

And she continued: “The Barcelona administration believes that it is practically impossible to conclude new deals in the last days of the winter Mercato, as some players must first be sold to create the required balance.”

The newspaper also indicated that the tense relationship between Barcelona and the La Liga League does not help to resolve the crisis, especially since the League is stubborn in giving explanations about the margin allowed for Barcelona.

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