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Yasmine Sabry responds to the rumors

After news spread that the artist, Yasmine Sabry, had returned to her ex-husband, businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, after the spread of a picture that brought them together in a restaurant, and also that she wore a wedding ring.

Where the artist, Yasmine Sabry, decided the truth about her return to businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, and she said on the sidelines of her attendance at the “JOY AWARDS” ceremony in Saudi Arabia: “Surely, if there is a need, I will announce it, as I announced the passport and as the divorce was announced, I will not marry and it will be in secret.”

She also continued: “The future is all for Saudi Arabia, God willing, and they will bring us together with the stars of the world.”

And Yasmine Sabry had sparked controversy on social media regarding her return to Abu Hashima, after she appeared in a group of photos that she shared with her followers through her official account on “Instagram”.

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