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If you are throwing a party in your house and your guest has a contagion of laughter that is hard to stop or calm, he enjoys his laughter and his talk is full of humor and caress that made you laugh and made you happy with his presence among your guests, know that you have hosted cancer, he has intelligent jokes deep and meaningful that roam deep within your soul. You will know him speaking without pretension and he will not make an effort to talk about himself like a bow, and you will immediately realize that the state of attention and listening to his speech was a natural and not artificial state of you, he will not fight to find himself a place under the lights of fame or be among the elite among you, but the matter will be done without any effort on his part.

Cancer’s tears are real, not like crocodile tears. Cancer’s emotions are deep and the wounds of their hearts are deep. He gets angry even at a single word or look he doesn’t like, but he will be able to suppress his anger inside him until the opportunity comes to him and then he does not waste it to take revenge. He takes revenge with the utmost secrecy, then reverts to himself and finds nothing to expose. his feelings.

If you have a secret, do not hesitate to reveal it to cancer, for he is the person who keeps the secret and everything that is private, and this is what makes him gain the trust of others, so they rush to him and ask him for advice and advice. And in order to understand the Cancer, try to observe his behavior, you will find that if he grabs something he desires, the forces of the world will not be able to snatch it from him except when he wants to abandon it with all his will.

Cancer this is his nature. When he hunts prey, you find him hovering around it from a distance, showing that he is preoccupied with something else. If he senses that someone intends to take the prey, he sees him in a jiffy, catching his prey, exposing himself to the highest risks, but he will not give up his prey. But if we talk about his generosity and magnanimity, we can say that he enjoys plenty of these qualities, but he always waits until the last minute in the hope that someone else will present it. Cancer is not willing to waste his money and time except when he feels that you will drown, only then he rushes to save you. Cancer has special accounts, balances things well between profit and loss, rarely errs, and he does not like risk or adventure. The pessimistic characteristic that he possesses makes him always think about precaution and not taking risks.

For the Cancerian, the home is the only place in which he feels psychological comfort, where he is calm and reassured, and that is what makes his relationship with the home a sacred relationship, like the sanctity of the works of the ancient priests. Cancer is always afraid of the unknown. Legends and tales are linked in his mind about famines that decimated countries or about problems with the shortage of types of goods. Thus, you find him working according to the saying that says facing misfortunes is better than waiting for them, so he keeps many canned goods in his private home warehouse, don’t you believe that? Go to him and search for yourselves, then you will know the sincerity of our talk and do not be surprised by his matter, but what is surprising is he who does not do that. Water is the best wish of a Cancer, he loves to swim, although he is not very good at swimming.

I ask him about his love for spending a lot of time in the bathtub when taking a shower, and he always loves the beaches and the roads leading to him. Watch him lying on the beach. You will not find a happier one with sea water. All those born under the sign of Cancer should all remember that they are the people most exposed to diseases of the chest, lungs and digestive system diseases. Sadness, depression and tears will bring them ulcer diseases, but happiness is what brings them health and wellness. If someone from the sign of Cancer tells you that he only has a thousand money in the world, know that the balance of his bank account has several thousand in it. Cancer loves money and likes more to save all the surplus for the coming days, and you may find him rising in rebellion against that accountant who made a mistake in preparing his bill and deducted his right. Some few pennies and he will only accept to return his pennies with the employee’s apology. Despite all this, he is distinguished by a trait that you will not find in many other constellations. If the Cancer feels the misfortunes of a friend, you will be surprised by him and he gives his friend all the money he needs.

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