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Horoscope of month – Taurus

Features of Taurus:


People born in Taurus are distinguished by their solid and stubborn personality, and this personality reflects the desire of Taureans to reach their goals in a different way from others, and Taurus people do not like financial gain and they care about the final result and knowing whether they won or not, in addition to their distinction of love of knowledge and curiosity and thus can rely on Taureans are born in various situations.


Taurus famous people:

Egyptian artist Nour El-Sharif

Egyptian artist Adel Imam

Personal traits of Taurus:

People born in this sign are characterized by sensitivity and romance

They are also distinguished by their conservatism, as they do not tend to take risks and take risks with different life affairs

They prefer to enjoy different things on their own, away from their presence in the group, they prefer loneliness over being in a group of people

The word stability is a key word in the life of a Taurus One of their negative qualities is that they are people who like to control and possess

They do not accept criticism directed at them, even if it is in their interest

They are provoked very easily, and they don’t know how to deal with their tantrums.

Taurus man

Always confident of himself because he possesses most of the qualities that can qualify him for success

A Taurus man is hardworking at work and always loves to work long hours in order to reach the success he is looking for The Taurus man is a kind person who always provides help to people who need it

Taurus woman

Confident in herself and her abilities, she does not like to depend on others, she is a completely independent personality Introverted at times, especially when she wants to recharge

The Taurus woman is a serious business person, she cannot start anything and leave it in the middle

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