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Horoscope of the Month – Capricorn

Each calendar month marks the birth of two astronomical constellations. In our section, the sign of the month, we talk about the sign that occupies the first days of the month, and in January, Capricorn takes center stage, and those born in this sign celebrate their birthdays (December 22 – January 19).

Features of Capricorn:

The personality of Capricorn is a strong, non-complacent personality and does not like to joke, and it is advised to deal with the people of this sign with a lot of caution and caution to avoid losing it, and at the same time he is a loving, humble personality that helps others.

Famous Capricorn:

Among the most famous Sagittarius celebrities: Egyptian actress Elham Shaheen, British film director Carol Reed

Personal traits of a Capricorn baby:

Those born in this sign Capricorn are distinguished by their strong personality.

He defends his positions firmly and steadfastly, while appreciating responsibility.

He is very attached to his family and his family.

He prefers quiet places.

People born in Capricorn are distinguished by their long-term planning while striving to achieve those goals that they often reach to achieve in a very impressive way.

Most of the Capricorn babies prefer marriage at a young age, with their distinction of love and sincerity in case they find the right partner.

They are characterized by being punctual and passionate about work

This sign is known for its patience and high ambition

In friendship, the owner of a Capricorn is one of the best friends that you can find in a time of need, without waiting for anything in return, and he is also very sympathetic, wise, controlling and leadership.

Faults of Capricorn

The faults of the Capricorn character are that he is considered one of the characters that is characterized by a lack of fun, as he is dominated by the character of seriousness in all conditions of life, and he is one of the introverted personalities that tend to be isolated, and prefers to stay in a quiet place far from people and events, in addition to his preference for the lack of speech and compliments ..

He also delays making critical decisions related to work and family, with his inability to fall in love because of his delayed nature in making decisions.

Capricorn is also characterized by dictatorship, obstinacy, lack of confidence in others, broad imagination, extreme vanity, and adherence to his decisions, even if they are incorrect.


Capricorn man

A man who is dedicated to his work, discreet when it comes to his private life, principles and philosophy of life, he keeps them for himself, as for his dealings with people close and trusted to him, he reveals his good character and the sense of humor he possesses.


Capricorn woman

She lives on the principle of (an eye for an eye), as she takes her right into her own hands in case of extreme anger, and she achieves justice herself without any mercy. Strong like a rock, she can undoubtedly be relied upon, as she is fully prepared to bear the burdens and responsibility and share them with her loved ones. She sets her goal in her eyes and focuses on achieving it without hesitation or fear. Prefer gifts that are fragrant and pleasant, or quiet and pleasant places that feel comfortable and relaxed.

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