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Hussein Fahmy reveals the secrets of his artistic career

The star Hussein Fahmy officially resorted to the difficult decision and launched an account for him on the Tik Tok website, in addition to official accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to confront hundreds of accounts that impersonate him and spread rumors about him or statements on his tongue about the secrets of art stars in his golden age that are unreal, and Fahmy broadcast a clip A video to confirm that the new accounts are already under his control, pointing out that he seeks to document them with the blue tick as soon as possible.

The star Hussein Fahmy had previously confirmed his distance from the social media to escape its crises, preferring to be in the real world, as he says, but he confirmed through the video, that he decided to go through the experience of being in this virtual world and bear its crises, in order to communicate with the public during the coming period, by creating He has his own accounts on social media, including Tik Tok, indicating that he will communicate with his fans and tell them everything about him, as well as talk about his memories, whether in art or history.

Hussein Fahmy also explained that he is joining the world of social media, due to the circulation of incorrect information about him through undocumented accounts, and the exploitation of some of his name and the creation of fake groups.

Hussein Fahmy indicated that he considered that social media was a virtual world, but he decided to bear its disadvantages and added: He entered the social media with all its advantages and disadvantages, and endured as long as I stayed for a long time far and near and endured.

And he continued through his account on the Instagram website: I have many memories and stories, I will tell you about them, and any information I will tell you about it with the utmost frankness and honesty, and I will tell you what my thinking was about social media and how I change, and we will communicate with you continuously, and any new thing I will inform here, and I have many ideas I want to put it to you, I hope you like it.

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