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Lebanon: New procedures for travelers

The Lebanese Ministry of Health revealed new procedures related to travelers coming to Lebanon, pointing out that they will be applied starting next Monday, corresponding to January 10, 2022.
According to the ministry’s statement, all passengers wishing to come to Lebanon, with the exception of children under 12 years old, must register on its electronic platform.

The ministry also added that if the PCR test must be performed 48 hours before in the country from which it is coming, the test result must be uploaded to the platform.

She indicated that if there is a certificate of the Covid 19 vaccine, it must also be downloaded.

It also confirmed that all travelers coming to Lebanon, except for children under 12 years old, will undergo a PCR test upon their arrival at Rafic Hariri International Airport.

The ministry indicated that, as of next Monday, the cost of the test will be paid in advance via a credit card or an EMD electronic document that they obtain through payment at one of the approved travel and tourism offices or at the sales offices of airlines.

In the same context, the cost of the mandatory PCR test for all arrivals will be reduced, to $30 instead of $50.

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