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Senior Syrian stars and stars who do not have accounts

With the rapid development of social networking sites, it has become
The race is frantic between the stars and stars of Arab drama to gain the largest number of followers through their accounts on various social media, whether it is “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Instagram”, “YouTube” or others, especially because they have a role in the fame and spread of the artist as well as the financial and marketing role
On the other hand, there are big and well-known stars and stars who refused to delve into social media, stressing that it does not reflect the true picture, including:
Ghassan Masoud is a global star who rejects social media
At the forefront of the absent stars from social networking sites is the Syrian star Ghassan Masoud, who has achieved widespread fame and popularity, not only in the field of Syrian and Arab cinema and drama, but also in European cinema and Hollywood films. In addition, he is a professor at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and graduated many of the most prominent stars on the scene Syrian and Arabic drama.
The owner of the “Salah al-Din” personality refused to submit to an unknown world, as he confirmed on more than one occasion, as he does not have any account on social networking sites.

Mona Wassef is one of the most prominent absentees
Likewise, the able Syrian star Mona Wasef is completely absent from social media, as she does not have any accounts on any social networking site, as she confirmed, while she made it clear in previous interviews with her that everything published about her through social media reaches her through close friends and journalists, But she never thinks of creating accounts on social media, despite the popularity and overwhelming love she enjoys from the public.

Bassam Koussa is also absent
The famous Syrian star, Bassam Koussa, is one of the most prominent absentees from the social media, as he confirmed this on more than one occasion. He explained that he does not have any official accounts on social networking sites and that all accounts bearing his name are fake and not real. Despite all the stardom, fame and praises that Koussa receives for his ingenuity, he does not have any accounts on social media.
Salloum Haddad is also absent
The star Salloum Haddad is considered one of the distinguished stars in Syria and the Arab world. However, he does not have accounts on social media, despite the distinguished roles that he played through a long and busy career, the most recent of which was his presence in the series “On a Hot Tin”. While all accounts bearing his name are either fan accounts or fake accounts.

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