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Sherine Reda reveals her dowry from Amr Diab .. A number you will not believe

The artist, Sherine Reda, revealed her dowry in her first marriage to the star Amr Diab, stressing that it did not exceed 25 piasters, and she rejected the apparent waste in preparing brides now, and also objected to the exaggeration of some families in asking for dowries and asked them to learn from the experience of the daughters of Lebanon who recently launched a campaign for marriage without a dowry .

Sherine Reda shared a screenshot to monitor some cases of waste in preparing brides despite the poverty of their families, and how the “blind imitation” of customs and traditions causes spending on things that are not needed, and she said through her Twitter account: What a fool! And by the way, my dowry was 25 piasters.

Sherine Reda also continued her speech: Because marriage is based on friendship and love, it is not a Chinese set, a towel, or a suit! These are the Lebanese women who have two homes, the hashtag Marry me without a dowry… Enough is forbidden.

It is reported that Sherine Reda previously confirmed that she had known Amr Diab since she was 14 years old, when she participated with him in an advertisement, and added: I made an advertisement for him when I was 14 years old, so I got to know him at the time.

And she continued during her participation in the Duplex Live program: Amr Diab is romantic despite his sweetness, and we are very friends and he sings to me until now.

She pointed out: After my separation from Amr Diab, I went to Singel for two years, got engaged, got married, and got divorced again.

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